Give a Tree to Cool Rotterdam City

For just 25 euros you give a Rotterdam Citizen a rare old fruit tree species. Rare in the sense that these species are no longer common in Rotterdam. For even the small amount of 5 euros you give away a baby nut tree.
In this way, Rotterdam will gain highly sought-after species of trees, which will enhance biodiversity. These varieties are very popular and therefore we cool the city together yet faster.

When you leave your email details we will inform you about your donated tree.


Trees to Cool Down Rotterdam City

With Cool Down City we encourage Rotterdam citizens to cool down their city themselves. By giving away free trees, collecting them, inspiring them, informing them about their own possibilities and connecting Rotterdam parties for more impact. With the ambition to triple the number of trees in Rotterdam.

The Cool Down City initiative achieves this ambition by realizing a public Rotterdam Tree Depot, organizing Free Trees Giveaway Events, attending events with the Babytrees Courier (Babybomen Koerier), organizing activities together with companies and governments and thereby increasing tree awareness.


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